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Oldie but a goldie.

So after 13 years of hardy service the trusty but rusty Transit finally hangs up her keys! After countless log deliveries around Cheshire and Staffordshire in every conceivable type of weather condition it's finally time to wave good bye..

So you may wonder but what shall replace such mighty van!! I give you Log Van Mk2!

A Vauxhall Movano with a single way tipper back conversion, lets see how she fairs compared to the mighty transit! Price would suggest she won't have quite the longevity of the Ford but let's see!

(Phone number is wrong on the side! Hopefully to be corrected asap)

Key differences between the old and new!

  • Ford was rear wheel drive / Vauxhall is front wheel. Will intresting to see how she handles with a ton off logs on the back especially in the wet!

  • Ford had twin rear axle, Vauxhall single.

  • Construction of the tipper seems to be much more 'tinny' compared to the transit! Which when delivering logs gets a fair amount of ware and tear.

  • Price point, obviously the Vauxhall is considerably cheaper than its Ford counterpart! It should be intresting to see how the engine / drivetrain and the chassis holds up!

  • The interior off the Vauxhall is next level compared to the transit (mainly due to the transit being 14 years old), plenty of storage, comfortable driving position, nice easy drive, handsfree kit, USB charging points x2, AUX port of the radio and so on!

  • Rubbish horn on the Vauxhall it sounds like some comical clown car!

  • Simlar tie off points on the tipper back along with side catches.

I will hopefully give the Movano a more in depth review once we've given it abit of a run around!

Thanks for reading.


Chantler Timber

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