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Helping you choose the right wood.

Our Logs

Guaranteed Satisfaction

All our logs are sourced from sustainable woodlands throughout the UK. Our logs which are predominantly Ash are air-dried, well-seasoned, and widely regarded as one of the best species to burn. Typically, our logs are cut to around 9 inches. We can cut logs to specific sizes for an additional charge; please call us for a quote. Note that sizes may vary slightly as each log is hand-cut.


We take great pride in our firewood, ensuring no brash, twigs or other debris fill up the bags. This attention to detail sets our firewood apart from those cut with processors, guaranteeing a superior quality product.

Seasoned Hardwood Firewood Logs
Our Delivery Van, we aim to get out logs out to you as soon as possible


We offer free delivery within a 10-mile radius of our yard at Madeley Heath. Our logs are delivered using a flatbed Tipper. Please note, we do not have a crane to lift the logs over fences or other obstacles; the logs are unloaded directly off the back of the vehicle into a pile on the ground. Deliveries are made Monday to Friday, as our facility is closed on weekends.

Delivery Radius

Our Mission

Guaranteed Quality

"Our mission is to deliver high-quality, sustainably sourced firewood from local woodlands, ensuring we support the environment and community for years to come. We are dedicated to sharing our expanding knowledge of logs and timber. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff are here to inspire, educate, and assist our customers with all their firewood needs."

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