Hand Cut Bulk Bag
  • Hand Cut Bulk Bag

    Hand-cut bulk bag of seasoned Hardwood logs, these bags consist of Ash logs and are perfect for keeping you warm on those cold winter nights. The logs themselves are cut to around 9 inches in length.

    Delivery is available Monday to Friday.


    Unfortunately due to new government laws, we are no longer able to sell/deliver single bags at this moment in time. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call. 


    • Additional Information.

      These bags are cut and filled by hand ensuring you get the highest quality log available, they are roughly around 1/3 of a ton per bag. 

      Delivery is free within a 10-mile drive of the yard, over 10 miles there is a delivery charge or a minimum order of 2 bulk bags.


      For reference, a normal builders bag measures 86x86 whereas our bags are over 100x100. We tend to find that when we have emptied one of our bags into a builder's bag it usually fills 1 and 3/4 bags.


      This is roughly 1M3 per bag.